In the Aranyzíz BSSZ GM tournament in Budapest (16-25 August) the 17 year IM KOZÁK Ádám reached his 3rd GM-norm and with this performance he will be the next IGM of Hungary. Congratulations to him and his parents.


For the 7-17 Sept FIRST SATURDAY Nadassy event we have some vacant seats. We give there 10 games, min 2000 ELO average of the opponents. 

Interested players pls contact me asap: (whatsapp viber) +36-30-230-1914


In the August event played a 16 year old Moldavian FM boy, Mr Ilie MARTINOVICI (2405 ELO)

He is looking for chessclubs and chess tournaments.

Contact with the mom, Galina, 




We have been finished the First Saturday 3-13 August event. 

The next one: 7-17 Sept. Whatsapp-viber: +36-30-230-1914

I send you hereby the work of IM Dusan Jovanovic (SRB), 3 analysed games and 10 selected combinations of the FS August event. Enjoy and publish. 

The winner of the GM group is IGM BERCZES (HUN) (left)

More info:

The winner of the IM section is WIM LUONG, Phuong Hanh (VIE)

More info:


Tournament hall, Berlin hotel 

Next GM-IM-norm possibility tournaments:  

– 7-17 September First Saturday  Budapest GM-IM Nádassy tnmt, etc. –

– 5-15 October First Saturday…

– 19-27 Oct Third Saturday Montenegro. e-mail:

– 2-12 Nov First Saturday,

– 16-24 Nov Third Saturday Montenegro, 

– 7-17 Dec First Saturday Budapest.  

2019. október 23-26. XIV. Baranya International Chess Festival Thermal Hotel Harkány

Organizer: Jeszenszky József

2019. november 22-24. III. Prémium International Chess Festival Budapest

Organizer: Jeszenszky József 

Planned IM RR tournament,  2019. november 26-december 4. Pécs 250 km South West from Budapest – org: Mr Jeszenszky

7-17 Dec First Saturday GM-IM Nadassy section – Budapest, org: IO Nagy –


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