We have started the First Saturday Budapest chess tournaments (1-11 August)

We have 43 players from 10 countries.

There are 4 groups, GM-IM.Nadassy and FM.

We miss our RUS, IND, ISR, USA, etc players because of the pandemic.  The players organized mainly from the countries of the European Union.

I send hereby attached the 1st-..7th  round pgn games files, pls send me a feedback, can you use these files?

The link to the GM groups info:

FM PERSANYI, Barnabas (HUN), close to the IM-norm,

FM PETKOV, Momchil (BLG) close to the IM-norm

The world famous chess organizer Mr Rigo, Janos (left)

visited the tournament, IO Nagy, Laszlo (right)

Info about the IM section:

Link to the Nadassy Scheveningen:

Link to the FM-group:

Chess tournaments in this area:

21-29 August Budapest Aranytíz  Open, GM-IM tournament, Organizer: IO KORPICS, contact: IO Nagy Laszlo, e-mail:

Whatsapp-viber: +36-30-230-1914

31 Aug – 7 Sept Rigochess GM-IM, Open Balatonlelle, – 130 km West from Budapest

5-15 Sept First Saturday GM-IM,

17-28 Sepr CZECH OPEN Pardubice,

3-13 Oct First Saturday GM-IM.

16-24 Oct Rigochess GM-IM Open Budapest

26-29 Oct XVII Baranya Open, Harkany, org:

7-17 Nov and 5-15 Dec First Saturday.,

18-26 Nov Harkany Open, 250 km South-West from Budapest,

20-28 Nov Rigochess GM-IM, Budapest,

5-15 Dec First Saturday GM-IM-Nadassy,

18-26 Dec Rigochess GM-IM Budapest


Our chessfriend from India Mr ERDŐS Laszlo offers gem stones with certificates (zapphyre emerald and ruby) from Mianmar (Burma), pls see the video:

His whatsapp: +421-905-528-245



The Internet Chess club owner, Mr Marty Grund offered to the chessplayers:

500 free accounts for 6 months ICC membership for the players, who wish to play games online and register into the site:

For more info: IO Nagy Laszlo

Whatsapp: +36-30-230-1914

For the registration there is a need for a code No, what I will give to the players if they want to play.

Technical help:

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