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Jest to drugi tom cyklu „Taktyka mistrzów świata”.

240 stron

ISBN 978-3-95920-996-0

Since every world champion was the most outstanding player of his time, it makes sense to study the various aspects of the royal game using the world champions’ games – and of course to enjoy them. In this first of two volumes on the world champions’ art of combination, the authors (both recognized experts in the field of chess literature) offer the reader the opportunity of trying to find plenty of these best combinations themselves – and thus to assess and improve their own tactical skills.

But that’s not all. In addition to often breathtakingly spectacular sample games, which are thoroughly analyzed and commented on in a comprehensible way, individual pet topics are highlighted in which the world champions have created particularly outstanding works.

So you are invited to take a closer look at Petrosian’s deeply thought out exchange sacrifices, at Spassky’s always tactically alert attacking skills and Fischer’s often combinatorial exploitation of advantages in the endgame. Furthermore, at the tactical aspects of Karpov’s dominance and restriction methods, Kasparov’s dynamic pressure play, Kramnik’s positional power play, Anand’s fine sense for dynamics and – last but not least – Magnus Carlsen’s combinatorial conversion of his excellent endgame strategy.

Volume 2 contains 288 combinations and many fully annotated sample games.


W fazie druku są wersje niemieckie. Więcej informacji na stronie wydawnictwa Joachim Beyer Verlag.

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