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In yesterday’s press conference that followed after their draw in game 10, Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi were asked which move they would choose if they could only play 1.e4 or 1.d4 for the rest of their lives. Both players smiled when confronted with this light topic, and picked the same move!

Magnus: „I would probably go for 1.e4. It seems like there’s a little more variety there in both closed and open games, but otherwise I’m thinking that it’s probably enough theory that we have already and it’s difficult enough to get an opening advantage, and to actually be restricted to only one move would be a bit of a nightmare!

Nepo: I guess 100 years ago or about it, someone, I guess Rauzer, said that White just wins after the first move 1.e4, so quite something changed since then, but in general, overall, it feels like 1.e4 is nowadays more forcing, but at the same time, more fun!

What would be your choice? Maybe it convinces you to start studying 1.e4 Openings more closely, or to stick even harder to your beloved 1.d4 Repertoire. We are happy to help you find out for yourself in our opening sections.

Best wishes,

Sebastiaan Smits
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