Zwycięzca turnieju kandydatów w Madrycie Jan Niepomniaszczij doczekał się już kilka publikacji o sobie. Ta informacja przyszła z Niederlandów.

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Dear Chess Friend,

While the last round is currently on its way, Ian Nepomniachtchi already won the Candidates Tournament with one round to spare. He is now only one of the few chess players in history to win two Candidates in a row. Nepo has now qualified for the World Championship match against Magnus Carlsen in 2023 (if he decides to defend his title).

It’s time to take a closer look at the challenger. We’ve made a fine selection of chess books that tell his story.

As we’ve seen in the Candidates Tournament, Nepo is a fascinating player who loves open irrational positions and excels when on the attack.

Unsurprisingly, he cites Mikhail Tal as his all-time favorite player and says Tal is the player who has exerted the greatest influence on him. Nepomniachtchi: Move By Move assesses his career and analyses his original and creative style with numerous deeply annotated games.

Nepo’s road from Grandmaster to becoming Magnus Carlsen’s world championship challenger was a long one.

In Nail It Like Nepo! Grandmaster Zenon Franco analyzes Nepo’s chess through his 30 best wins and several fragments, considering his style, his strengths, as well as his weaknesses and how he has overcome them. Above all, Franco compares Nepo to Lasker, Korchnoi and Magnus Carlsen himself.

Magnus Carlsen went into the World Chess Championship 2021 as a favorite. Even so, some experts believed Nepomniachtchi was capable of winning the chess crown. Their opinion was based on the fact that Nepo was after all the only player in the world with a positive score against Carlsen in classical chess.

In addition to the match games that have been annotated in entertaining style, this book also contains a selection of positions including tests that allow you to improve your chess.

Please have a look at Nepomniachtchi’s rich career and highly creative games. Do check out the sample pages to get a good feel of the books.

Best wishes,

Sebastiaan Smits
New In Chess


Nasza książka ukazała się także w wersji niemieckiej.

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